Our Solutions

Analysis & Architecture

RapidCraft takes great pride in assisting our clients with our professional analysis and architecture services. We are well versed in both the native capabilities of Android and iPhone as well as unconventional approaches like web apps and JAVA. Regardless of your projects ultimate goal we can provide the proper design based on an in depth analysis and architectural outline.

Design & Development

RapidCraft has been developing software since 1993 with 80% of our products designed on speculation, similar to a builder building a house knowing if it is built correctly and at the right time he will be able to sell it. RapidCraft has speculative design success at 100% including all of our Android and iPhone apps. In many cases our clients will come back to us for custom versions and or updates as well.

Marketing & Distribution

RapidCraft has been successfully marketing software products to both end users and distribution arms for several years now and has an acute understanding of marketing and distribution networks after having developed several products specifically for advertising agencies and marketing companies (our proxiblaster line of products).

Ongoing Innovation

RapidCraft has always been at the cutting edge of innovation and usually has products already being beta tested long before the market is even aware of the technology. With a strong focus on Bluetooth and Geolocation, RapidCraft is always developing new and exciting products for the market.


Are you interested in monetizing your soft product? RapidCraft has successfully deployed many soft products in both trial and paid versions as well as up sell models and viral models. RapidCraft can develop your business model for you or offer consultation in various models that your product team may have overlooked.

Consulting Services

RapidCraft offers consulting services for evaluation of software, business models, concepts and marketing. We have consulted some of the largest product manufacturers in the world down to small start ups and bring years of diverse experience in software development as well as product marketing and advertising.